Mr. Versatility (Founder/CEO)

Meet the Founder/CEO of Versatility LLC, Maurice Magras aka Mr. Versatility. Known to most as either an athlete or an entrepreneur, he grew up interested in many different activities but ended up gravitating and eventually sticking to basketball - where, before injury during his collegiate career followed by having to drop out of college before finishing his senior year, he dreamed of getting paid to dribble a basketball. Currently 27 years old, he was just 23 years old when he founded the brand while he was homeless in 2017. Registering as a sole proprietorship, taking $100 out of his weekly check working overnight security to cover the minimum to create a business account, and paying a graphic designer less than $10 to bring his written logo and vision to fruition - on November 22nd, 2017 he dropped the Versatility "STARTER" Tee online via website. 4 years later in 2021, as a brand/company we've received our LLC in 2020, we have access to vendors for our products in-house and overseas, we've dropped 15+ hoodie colorways, men's/women's/kid's merchandise, joggers, leggings, shorts, t-shirts, summersuits, crewnecks, beanies, durags, facemasks, socks and even a collection of sportsgear available for purchase online and in-stores currently at Beeze Tees ScreenPrinting in Manchester, NH.

Mr. Versatility is no newbie when it comes to cryptocurrency and the previews of the new technologies to come, enter the metaverse. In 2017 when he founded the company, he waited until days before dropping his first tee when he announced to the world via the brand's social media accounts that "WE ACCEPT CRYTOCURRENCY HERE!!" Not only that but in the initial mission statement and on the original website, there was a section where it spoke about the fact that he thought that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology was the future and that if we didn't know what cryptocurrency was that we should google it!! He was also spot on in an article that he wrote on a blockchain-powered blog platform called SteemIt titled "ISSA CRYPTOREVOLUTION" where he predicted that Bitcoin would continue to grow as the first major cryptocurrency far beyond what it was at the time (~$8,000) to what it is now in November 2021 (~$60,000). In the future, the futurist hopes to implement blockchain technology into the business in as many ways as he can, including possible NFT's projects as early as 2022.

When asked, "What does Versatility mean to you?" the young CEO answered simply, "EVERYTHING." "We live in a day and age where things around us are constantly changing and thankfully we as humans are highly adaptable. There is going to be a time soon where everybody is going to be forced to adapt, whether its to new technologies or new ways of living - its just getting started now. Be prepared, the future is bright!!" When asked, "What are your future goals within Versatility and outside of Versatility?" He told us that, "Within Versatility the goal is to continually grow not only as a business but as an entity as well. It would be dope to be able to grow in one industry and then be able to crossover to other industries, taking our community along with us!! Outside of Versatility my goals include creating generational wealth, breaking generational curses, and striving to be the best version of myself while taking care of my friends and family. TAP IN!!" 



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